Golden Tree

Standing 43 feet tall, Coupland has set the sculpture in front of a 25-foot by 40-foot image of Stanley Park, which has been installed above the front entrance to Intracorp's MC2 development at Cambie Street and SE Marine Drive. Made out of steel-reinforced resin and fiberglass and encased in a...
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Four Seasons

“The colours come from those used in boxes of Laurentien pencil crayons.”
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Canadian Fallen Firefighters Memorial

2012 Ottawa, ON 24 feet
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Terry Fox Memorial

Four bronze statues of Terry Fox built to last a thousand years.
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Monument to the War of 1812

2008 Steel and resin Toronto, ON
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Float Forms

Just one of several large-scale art pieces in the park, these oversized fishing bobbers denote a lakefront theme, in addition to Coupland’s giant canoe and sculptural beaver dam.
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Infinite Tire

The series of stacked tires, each smaller than the one beneath it, is a riff on famous Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi’s “Infinite Column” but with the national store chain’s tires.
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Digital Orca

The raison d'etre of the piece was to commemorate the workers in and around Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbour. The site's owners, Pavco specifically wanted artists to consider the past, present and future of the site.
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