Worst. Person. Ever.

Planes crash and boats sink. Ray shits himself, causes a fat passenger on a flight to suffer a heart attack and die, gets arrested several times, falls into a coma after eating a macadamia nut, becomes obsessed with a bit of red plastic after gobbling an ecstasy pill, falls in love, misspells the words “Harry Potter”, runs into his mum, gets involved in an orgy with a gang of sex-crazed bunny girls and so on.
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November 14 2013

Worst. Person. Ever.

Raymond Gunt likes to think of himself as a pretty decent guy―he believes in karma, and helping his fellow man, and all that other good stuff. Sure, he can be foulmouthed, occasionally misogynistic, and can just generally rub people the wrong way―through no fault of his own! So with all...
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