Douglas Coupland’s Golden Tree

The Hollow Tree, a locally-beloved 800-year-old Western Red Cedar stump in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, has gone through its fair share of tribulations. It has withstood a destructive windstorm, a mysterious fire, and a battle for its removal by citizens who considered it hazardous. Yet nostalgia-driven community initiatives like of the Hollow Tree Conservation Society successfully preserved the arboreal icon. Now, to commemorate the Hollow Tree’s hallowed history, a sculpture in its likeness has been created by none other than Vancouver’s Douglas Coupland.
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August 11 2016
Public ArtVancouver

Golden Tree

Standing 43 feet tall, Coupland has set the sculpture in front of a 25-foot by 40-foot image of Stanley Park, which has been installed above the front entrance to Intracorp's MC2 development at Cambie Street and SE Marine Drive. Made out of steel-reinforced resin and fiberglass and encased in a...
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