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Mixing the bizarre and the mundane, Douglas Coupland’s novels explore social change and the texture of the times. In 1991, before the internet, Canadian Coupland wrote about ‘historical overdosing’ in his novel Generation X – to live in a period of time when too much seems to happen. Major symptoms...
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Calgary's downtown sparkles with new light installation at Telus Sky

The downtown skyline shone brighter than usual Thursday night, as a dazzling new light installation was previewed at the Telus Sky building.
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B.C. art exhibit focuses on ocean plastics in effort to highlight environmental damage

Fishing nets, buoys, water bottles, giant chunks of plastic foam, shoes and detritus from the Japanese tsunami are meant to offer visitors to the Maritime Museum of B.C. in Victoria just a tiny window into the vast array of plastics that make up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
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Northern lights inspired sky-rise art display previewed in downtown Calgary

People in the downtown core were treated to a preview of Northern Lights, an LED art installation created by Douglas Coupland, on the TELUS Sky building on Thursday night. LED lighting, encircling the window frames on the south exterior of the building in the 600 block of Centre Street Southwest...
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Your essential guide to Dubai Art Season

The Canadian conceptual artist and writer Douglas Coupland has turned his focus to art and technology in the past 10 years. Kholeif has invited him to Sharjah to perform his A Manifesto, a discussion of data and behaviour as well as an attempt to think through new literary forms in...
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Gordon Smith and Douglas Coupland make art a public act

We are certainly worlds away from the days when West Vancouver was a creative enclave, where some of the West Coast’s biggest names would go to make art and design homes, for themselves or their friends.
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Douglas Coupland’s portrait of Canada is bright, optimistic and in 3D

A shimmering golden lumberjack look-alike. A pastel paint-streaked woman staring confidently ahead. A Cree chief proudly wearing his headdress.
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Douglas Coupland unveils new National Portrait at the Ottawa Art Gallery

Hidden among the multi-coloured faces comprising Douglas Coupland’s latest work The National Portrait is a practical joke.
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Douglas Coupland scans the heads of Canadian shoppers for new large-scale project

In his quest to create a portrait of Canada, artist Douglas Coupland hit the mall – or at least, Canadian department stores. Beginning in 2015, Coupland set up shop at Simons stores across the country, where, using a bank of 3-D printers, he scanned some 1,700 shoppers, who each received a five-centimetre bust.
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Photos: A sneak peek at Douglas Coupland's The National Portrait, a 3-D installation opening at the Ottawa Art Gallery June 29

Vancouver artist and writer Douglas Coupland is set to unveil The National Portrait, the result of a high-tech cross-country project, at the Ottawa Art Gallery tomorrow (June 29), in time for Canada Day.
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Douglas Coupland's portrait of Canada is bright, optimistic and in 3D

VANCOUVER -- A shimmering golden lumberjack look-alike. A pastel paint-streaked woman staring confidently ahead. A Cree chief proudly wearing his headdress.
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Dear Canadians, your addiction to plastic needs a cure

Since 2007, I’ve been visiting the Vale do Javari Indigenous reserve deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon for my film and protection campaign Tribes on the Edge. There, I’ve seen what it is to live a non-disposable lifestyle. There it becomes easy to appreciate just how much unnecessary...
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Plastic is choking our world, and Douglas Coupland's unprecedented new installation shows how

Step into Coupland's Vortex, which is taking over the Vancouver Aquarium for the next year
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Douglas Coupland explores impact of plastic waste in oceans in new Vancouver Aquarium exhibit

Artist designed Vortex to help visualize Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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Douglas Coupland hauls a piece of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the Vancouver Aquarium

Douglas Coupland’s new installation at the Vancouver Aquarium is as playful as one expects from the pop-culture polymath, but it may also be the most didactic work of his visual-art career.
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The Art Newspaper

Douglas Coupland’s work in plastic is fantastic

The writer and artist unveils an ecological work inspired by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a 3D-printed national portrait of Canada
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Georgia Straight

Photos: Douglas Coupland tackles marine-pollution crisis with playful, plastic-packed installation

Canadian artist and writer Douglas Coupland poses with a 50,000-litre water installation from Vortex, a new exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium that explores the public's relationship with disposable plastics.
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Vancouver Sun

New Douglas Coupland art installation unveiled this month at Vancouver Aquarium

Famous writer and local artist Douglas Coupland’s latest art installation, an interpretation of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch called Vortex, will be unveiled later this month at the Vancouver Aquarium.
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Georgia Straight

Douglas Coupland to debut art installation at Vancouver Aquarium tackling issue of marine pollution

Canadian artist and writer Douglas Coupland is expected to unveil a new art installation at the Vancouver Aquarium on May 18 that will draw attention to the mounting issue of marine pollution.
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Daily Hive

Douglas Coupland unveiling new installation at Vancouver Aquarium this week

Acclaimed Canadian artist Douglas Coupland is gearing up for the launch of his new exhibition highlighting ocean plastic pollution at the Vancouver Aquarium this week. The year-long installation, Vortex, will highlight the environmental issue of plastic waste in the world’s oceans, and the impact it has on marine life and...
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The Star Vancouver

Douglas Coupland’s new show calls for ‘fundamental change’ to plastic use as scientists raise alarm over secondary microplastics

After spending more than a year focusing on the global crisis of ocean plastic pollution, Canadian artist Douglas Coupland is more optimistic than ever.
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To Infinity and beyond

The best of the group could be the Daniel Faria Gallery, an expansive commercial gallery with a penchant for displaying works of heavy-hitters such as Douglas Coupland. The West Coast artist’s new show, Tsunami, was recently featured.
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Douglas Coupland To Adapt His Own Novel ‘The Gum Thief’ As A Feature

Generation X author Douglas Coupland is to adapt his own novel The Gum Thief as a feature film after striking a deal with J.B Sugar’s No Equal Entertainment.
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Business in Vancouver

Vancouver Aquarium sees bright post-cetacean future

The exhibit we’re doing this time is unusual because instead of hiring a scientist to curate the exhibit, it’s Douglas Coupland – one of Canada’s premier conceptual artists.
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Vancouver Sun

Douglas Coupland, Ocean Wise team up for plastics exhibition at Vancouver Aquarium

Internationally-acclaimed artist and novelist Douglas Coupland is teaming up with Ocean Wise for a new exhibition at the Vancouver Aquarium.
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The Medium Is the Message

Generation X author Douglas Coupland explores the ideas, sound and vision of media seer Marshall McLuhan who in the 1960s coined the phrases "the medium is the message" and "the global village". Marshall McLuhan was the first great prophet of what would become digital mass media and indeed the global...
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The mood for this part of the collection was equal parts Mr Robot’s eCorp, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror and Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs.
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The Age of Earthquakes

Jarvis chats to Douglas Coupland and Shumon Basar about the book The Age of Earthquakes which they published with art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and graphic designer Wayne Daly.
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Canadian Architect

Douglas Coupland to create Calgary’s largest public artwork

Renowned Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland will add a new work of global significance to Calgary’s vibrant public art scape. ‘Northern Lights’, a 160,000 square foot LED-based art installation at the new TELUS Sky tower, will become the biggest public art piece in Calgary. TELUS Sky is set to...
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Douglas Coupland wants no one 'alienated' by his massive Telus Sky public art

Renowned artist and author Douglas Coupland says he's tried to ensure people can connect with his new Calgary art exhibit. Coupland is building an LED art installation called Northern Lights on two sides of the under-construction, downtown Telus Sky building, which is set to open next year.
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Toronto Star

Towering Christmas tree stands outside Gardiner Museum

A 12 metre white spruce erected in front of the Gardiner Museum, the largest yet.
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Heartland Festival

Michael Stip & Douglas Coupland talks about Ego at Heartland Festival 2017

Michael Stipe & Douglas Coupland – ”On the Meaning of Ego in 2017” Moderator: Martin Krasnik In English
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The Globe and Mail

The world according to Marshall McLuhan

The Globe and Mail's Mark Medley speaks with biographer Douglas Coupland on why the culture and communications guru's theories continue to resonate in 2017 – perhaps more than ever
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Daily Echo

Huge sculpture of Van Gogh modelled on Christchurch man is installed in vineyard

A HUGE sculpture of Vincent Van Gogh’s head, modelled on a Christchurch man, has been installed in a Canadian vineyard.
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No Ticket Needed: A Tour of Vancouver's Public Art

You don’t need a ticket to see one of the greatest contemporary art collections in North America. Just a good pair of flats, and maybe your Google Maps. Vancouver, British Columbia is famous for its outdoor attractions, like its sea wall, and an honest-to-god rainforest in the middle of the...
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The world according to Marshall McLuhan

The Globe and Mail’s Mark Medley speaks with biographer Douglas Coupland on why the culture and communications guru’s theories continue to resonate in 2017 – perhaps more than ever
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Van Gogh bust modelled on Dorset lookalike is unveiled

A giant sculpture of Vincent Van Gogh's head, modelled on a Dorset man, has been installed in a Canadian vineyard.
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The Millions

The Un-Ironist: A Primer on Douglas Coupland’s Novels

Take Coupland’s work as a whole and his strengths become starkly apparent. He’s especially good when writing in the voice of an actual character, not a neutral, disembodied narrator.
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Extraño mi cerebro preinternet

Ignacio nos escribió desde Chile para facilitarnos esta entrevista que tuvo ocasión de realizar a nuestro Santo Patrón con motivo del encuentro científico ciudadano Congreso Futuro que se celebró el pasado mes de enero. Se publicó originalmente en el número de abril de la revista española Quimera...
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Vancouver Sun

Vancouver's Douglas Coupland lands Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence

The West Coast Book Prize Society has announced that Vancouver’s Douglas Coupland is the recipient of the 14th annual Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence.
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Calgary Herald

Douglas Coupland hosting 3DCanada event in Calgary

Calgarians can get a glimpse of the future as part of a project called 3DCanada by having their faces scanned and receiving their own miniature 3-D-printed bust.
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McGill Daily

We all saw this coming

Art, maps, and media subvert perceptions of Canada’s landscape
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Vancouver Sun

Canada 150: Douglas Coupland defined a generation

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, we are counting down to Canada Day with profiles of 150 noteworthy British Columbians.
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Douglas Coupland on free time, automation and 45

It's hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln using Twitter
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Real Business

The future is now: Douglas Coupland unveils why perception of time has changed

Real Business recently went to Berlin to attend an intriguing event by Konica Minolta on the future, where author and scriptwriter Douglas Coupland unveiled some hard-hitting truths about technology shaping the way we think.
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Canadian Architect

It’s All Happening So Fast

An exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture examines the conflicted relationship between our nation's ideal of nature—and the realities of our constructed environment.
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The Market Is Changing What Art Looks Like

On Friday at The Armory Show, a panel of art insiders gave their thoughts on the future of the market to a packed house. Moderator Kelly Crow of the Wall Street Journal was joined by auctioneer Simon de Pury, art advisor Todd Levin, collector Alain Servais, CEO of Athena Art...
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La Tercera

Douglas Coupland, escritor canadiense: “Crecí en un lugar sin historia moderna, sólo existe el futuro”

Novelista, ensayista y artista visual, por su novela Generación X se le consideró un portavoz generacional de los años 90.
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El Mercurio

Douglas Coupland y la habilidad de pensar el futuro

Creo que todos hemos tenido que lidiar con demasiado futuro demasiado rápido
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Douglas Coupland’s Digital Fortunes

The Canadian Artist Serves Riddles For the Online Era
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This man is supposed to be the best Van Gogh lookalike in the world

Actor Dan Baker, 35, beat 1,250 contestants from 37 countries in an international competition to find someone who bears a resemblance to the Dutch painter.
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Daily Mail

Canadian artist searching for best van Gogh lookalike finds subject in Dorset

A Canadian artist scouring the planet for Vincent van Gogh's closest lookalike has found his subject in the UK.
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Winnipeg Free Press

Hybrid of essays, short fiction classic Coupland

A hybrid of Andy Warhol and Marshall McLuhan, Douglas Coupland sometimes works as a visual artist, other times as a writer. With 13 novels under his belt along with two collections of short stories and seven non-fiction books, he has created a great library of Canadian work.
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Artnet News

Douglas Coupland Has Found His Van Gogh Lookalike

The resemblance is pretty striking.
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Calgary Herald

Town Talk: Architect foresees wooden towers higher than the tallest trees

Douglas Coupland's impending sculpture of Vincent van Gogh was commissioned by Anthony von Mandl for his Pinot Noir winery.
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Ottawa Citizen

Finding van Gogh: Douglas Coupland locates lookalike to be featured in art piece

It will be the first in an ongoing series of commissioned monumental outdoor works titled "Redheads."
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The Brandon Sun

Finding van Gogh: Douglas Coupland locates lookalike to be featured in art piece

Baker travelled to Vancouver where he underwent a 3D scanning process using hundreds of cameras to generate facial data that Coupland will use as source material to create a large 3D bronze sculpture.
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Okanagan Life

“I have found Vincent” proclaims artist Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland, a Vancouver-based writer and artist, has located Vincent van Gogh, or rather his closest lookalike. Out of 1,250 entrants from 37 countries, Daniel Baker from Christchurch, England is the doppelganger for the famous Dutch artist. Coupland will use Baker's image as the source material to create a large...
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The Georgia Straight

Douglas Coupland goes nonlinear in Bit Rot

Douglas Coupland is a tough interviewee to direct. He speaks as if his mouth is catching up with his mind, his thoughts coming to fruition in the moment, with nascent ideas weaving into complex concepts on the spot.
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The Globe and Mail

Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland finds van Gogh look-alike for sculpture

A British man bearing a striking resemblance to Vincent van Gogh is the muse for a new work of art by Douglas Coupland. The Vancouver-based writer and artist embarked on a worldwide search for individuals resembling the famed Dutch painter. Daniel Baker of the southern England town of Christchurch emerged...
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Douglas Coupland says democracy needs 'morning after pill' in social media age

Around 2005, 2006, I noticed the culture was changing. So I made a conscious effort to change what I was writing and how I wrote it. The pieces in Bit Rot aren't as random as they seem. For example, the short stories: how does a short story get inculcated with...
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Literary Review of Canada

Bibliomania, “Bit Rot” and Fetishizing Time

We look at books as the font of wisdom, but we also look at them as time machines, a way out of our heads that was never required before.
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National Post

Futurist Douglas Coupland invites public to have heads scanned: ‘Anyone with a Mohawk please come’

Douglas Coupland, Canadian novelist, artist and self-proclaimed futurist, is looking for 100 people in Ottawa to get their heads scanned — and he’s hoping the prime minister will be on board.
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Douglas Coupland may steal your soul, but he feels badly about it

ouglas Coupland's game-changing novel Generation X turned 25 in 2016, and we feel old now. Meanwhile, with Bit Rot, Coupland keeps refining what he's been ever since: one of the country's most fascinating thinkers. The new book of essays and stories delves into visions of the techno-future and humanity's increasingly...
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Ottawa Sun

If you want to get your head scanned for Douglas Coupland, now is your chance

Douglas Coupland, Canadian novelist, artist and self-proclaimed futurist, is looking for a hundred people in Ottawa to get their heads scanned — and he’s hoping the prime minister will be on board.
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National Post

Neil Gaiman explains How to Talk to Girls at Parties on this week’s National Post Bestseller List

The National Post Bestseller List is reported weekly by a different Canadian bookstore, featuring local favourites alongside national hits. This week’s list courtesy of Munro’s Books ( – 1108 Government Street Victoria, BC).
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**Haters Gonna Hate** – Bit Rot: Die Ausstellung von Douglas Coupland

Wie sähe wohl das Internet aus, wenn man es in ein Zimmer sperren würde? Und was hat Datenverfall mit Andy Warhol zu tun? In der aktuellen Ausstellung „Bit Rot“ von Douglas Coupland können Besucher genau das herausfinden.
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The National (United Arab Emirates)

Book review: Douglas Coupland’s Bit Rot – inside the dark heart of the information age

The line between art and technology is becoming ever more blurred. Perhaps part of the reason is that by force of necessity, art always follows money, and in 2016, technology is increasingly where the money is. As the greatest of internet behemoths, it stands to reason that Google would get...
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Museum Villa Stuck

Interview mit Douglas Coupland - "Bit Rot"

Video interview with Douglas Coupland
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National Post

In Bit Rot, Douglas Coupland reflects on digital and intellectual entropy — and missing cigarettes

Early in his new book, Douglas Coupland explains that “bit rot” is “a term used in digital archiving that describes the way digital files of any sort spontaneously (and quickly) decompose.” He borrowed the term as a title for his new collection of fiction and non-fiction as a description of...
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CBC News

Lord Stanley's gift keeps on giving, so what exactly are we commemorating?

At an athletic banquet held at the erstwhile Russell House hotel at the corner of Sparks and Elgin streets back on March 18,1892, then governor general Lord Frederick Stanley offered — via letter read aloud to the dinner group — to donate a championship cup to the winning hockey club in the Dominion.
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Two in a Row

Douglas Coupland „Bit Rot“ in der Villa Stuck

Douglas Coupland dürfte vielen durch sein Buch „Generation X“ bekannt sein. Ein Titel, der sich zum übergreifenden Schlagwort für eine wohlstandsverwöhnte, aber trotzdem perspektivlose Generation entwickelte. Seine Arbeiten als bildender Künstler sind in Deutschland jedoch weniger bekannt, was sich nun mit der Umsetzung seiner Ausstellung „Bit Rot“ in der Villa...
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Celebrate 50 years at the Glenbow museum with Glenbow at 50 exhibit

Canadian artist Douglas Coupland, famous for Generation X, contributed his life-sized sculpture of a iconic green toy soldier à la Toy Story.
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Douglas Coupland in München

Die Villa Stuck widmet sich in ihrer aktuellen Schau dem Werk Douglas Couplands. Der 1961 auf dem badischen NATO-Stützpunkt Rheinmünster-Söllingen geborene Kanadier ist eher für seine schriftstellerische Tätigkeit bekannt. Die Ausstellung in München entstand in Kooperation mit dem Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam und beinhaltet neben...
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BR Fernsehen

Wohin geht unsere Reise?

Diesmal ist nichts weniger als ein Genie zu Gast bei Bumillo und SÜDLICHT: Der kanadische Schriftsteller und Künstler Douglas Coupland hat nicht nur Worte für die Welt und ihr Schicksal erfunden ("Mc Job", "Generation X"), sondern schon das eine oder andere Mal die Zukunft richtig vorausgesagt. Visionär nannte man so...
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Calgary Herald

Fortney: Glenbow Museum to celebrate art collection during 50-year festivities

When people mark a milestone birthday, it’s often a combination of celebration, nostalgic reflection and taking inventory of all that’s come before.
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Vancouver Sun

Douglas Coupland back to books with Bit Rot

What publishers are noticing is if you’ve got a book in one hand and season two of Narcos in the other (then) people are probably going to choose season two of Narcos
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Süddeutsche Zeitung

Der Visionär

25 Jahre nach seinem Bestseller Generation X produziert Douglas Coupland vor allem: Kunst. Und die ist mindestens genauso klug wie seine Bücher.
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Süddeutsche Zeitung

Andy Warhol hat Facebook vorausgesehen

Den Weltbestseller »Generation X« hat er nur aus Verlegenheit geschrieben, als Siebenjähriger verehrte er Roy Lichtenstein und sein Arzt hat ihm verboten, ganze Bücher zu essen. Ein Interview mit dem großartig verschrobenen Autoren und Künstler Douglas Coupland.
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The Globe and Mail

Douglas Coupland dives into the meaning of the Internet age in Bit Rot

I start with the Daily Mail because if the front story is a wardrobe malfunction, it means everything’s fine with the world,” Coupland says during a recent interview. “What you don’t want is if the Daily Mail, the New York Times and The Globe and Mail all have the same...
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Deutschlandradio Kultur

Mit Pop Art gegen Daten-Verrottung

Mit seinem Roman "Generation X" hat Douglas Coupland ein Stück Zeitgeschichte eingefangen. Die präsentiert er auch als bildender Künstler in der Münchner Ausstellung "Bit Rot" – neben Arbeiten zu verrottenden Daten ist eine Totenmaske David Bowies zu sehen.
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Quill & Quire

Bit Rot: stories + essays

The most interesting material crops up when the author plays economist and focuses on the conjoined role of money, jobs, and technology in spawning the current gig economy. Earlier in his career, Coupland gloomily predicted we would all one day be Microserfs, but with traditional jobs going the way of...
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Максим Семеляк поговорил с Дугласом Коуплендом о принципах современного существования, жизни до бога и после Дэвида Боуи.
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Быть частью поколения стыдно и немодно

В Москве и Санкт-Петербурге проходит очередная выставка Lexus Hybrid Art. На этот раз темой стало "Предвосхищение", а куратором — бразилец Марселло Дантас. На публичные мероприятия в рамках выставки организаторы привезли культового писателя — автора книги "Поколение Икс" ДУГЛАСА КОУПЛЕНДА в амплуа художника. ВАЛЕНТИН ДЬЯКОНОВ расспросил одного из самых прогрессивных литераторов планеты о том, зачем ему заниматься искусством, о новых поколениях и понимании истории. Подробнее:
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Esquire Russia

Почему не нужно бояться будущего

Писатель, художник и футурист Дуглас Коупленд рассказал Esquire о том, почему с каждым днем мир становится лучше, а мы старательно это игнорируем.
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Afisha Daily

Дуглас Коупленд о поисках Ван Гога, мутации времени и Pokémon Go

Начнем с самого волнующего вопроса. Вы устроили охоту на голову человека, который бы напоминал Ван Гога, — и обещали ему 5000 долларов, чтобы отсканировать и изготовить его 3-метровую скульптуру. Вы его уже нашли?
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The Wall Street Journal

A Day in the Life of Hans Ulrich Obrist

After 25 years in the art world, the Serpentine Galleries’ artistic director is more prolific than ever
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The Star

If it looks like Van Gogh, is it art?: Whyte

The finalists have been announced in Douglas Coupland’s strange summer contest, but what exactly does it mean?
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ArtNet News

Chart Art Fair Kicks Off In Style in Copenhagen

Chart Art Fair opens in Copenhagen today, comprising of thirty galleries from Demark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, which take over the the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Since its inception four years ago, the fair has expanded and evolved in a number of ways, and in...
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Art Market News

Denmark’s leading Contemporary Art fair finished on Sunday reporting the most successful edition yet. The fourth CHART ART FAIR with its ambitious presentations across the event generated strong sales and encouraged meaningful dialogue between collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts. This year more galleries participated in the fair than ever before...
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How Chart Is Helping Art Reach a Wider Community, Both in Denmark and Beyond

While enjoying the snack, Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland—whose “Slogans for the 21st Century” series was plastered across the buses, subways, and balconies of Copenhagen through the duration of the fair—gave me his unsurprisingly witty theories about the work’s meaning.
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Nelson Star

Nelson barber competes in Van Gogh lookalike contest

Both of his ears are still intact, but otherwise Nelson barber Jesse Lockhart is a dead-ringer for Vincent Van Gogh. And though he’s got his eyes on a €5,000 euro prize for a global lookalike contest, he wasn’t willing to disfigure himself like the hyper-famous deceased artist.
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The Globe and Mail

Photography book The Canadians a kind of reimagining of The Americans

[…] introduction by Douglas Coupland (who was born two years after The Americans’ U.S. publication and eight before Kerouac’s death) nor on the dust jacket and flaps (which are, in fact, a blank white).
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The Globe and Mail

Interview: Retail explores new dimensions with 3-D art project

With a cross-country 3-D art project heading to the new Simons location in Ottawa this fall, artist Douglas Coupland aims to create a new kind of societal snapshot with the Canadian retailer
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Douglas Coupland: Vi deltager alle sammen i et stort videnskabeligt eksperiment

I 1991 definerede han sin samtid med romanen 'Generation X'. Nu er forfatteren og kunstneren Douglas Coupland aktuel i København med et offentligt værk.
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The Art Newspaper

Coupland goes for the gold

In Vancouver, a city with one of the highest housing costs in North America, real estate developers have become the new patrons of public art. The Golden Tree, a monumental sculpture by Douglas Coupland, recently installed in the plaza of Intracorp’s new James Cheng-designed tower MC2, is a zeitgeisty exploration...
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ArtNet News

Six Questions for Douglas Coupland, Who Doesn’t Hate Art Fairs

Douglas Coupland is one of the best loved novelists of his generation. Having penned the era-defining Generation X after giving up art for writing, Coupland became an international sensation, coining phrases such as “McJob” and, of course, “Gen X”. He went on to write many other successful novels such as...
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The Copenhagen Post

‘Generation X’ author coming to Copenhagen

Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland, the author of the world-renowned 1991 book ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’, is visiting Copenhagen in person on August 28 to speak about his new artwork.
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Nuvo Magazine

Douglas Coupland’s Golden Tree

The Hollow Tree, a locally-beloved 800-year-old Western Red Cedar stump in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, has gone through its fair share of tribulations. It has withstood a destructive windstorm, a mysterious fire, and a battle for its removal by citizens who considered it hazardous. Yet nostalgia-driven community initiatives like of the...
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CBC News

Douglas Coupland's Golden Tree unveiled in Vancouver

Piece of public art is replica of Stanley Park's famous Hollow Tree
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