The Canadian Centre for Architecture | It All Happened so Quickly

Nov 15 2016
Apr 09 2017

1920 Rue Baile
Montréal, QC, Canada
H3H 2S6
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The Shanghai Project

Sep 05 2016
Mar 05 2017

Ying Hua Lu 869
Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
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Bit Rot | Exhibit | Villa Stücke

Sep 29 2016
Jan 08 2017

Museum Villa Stuck
München, BY, Germany
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Sep 17 2016
Nov 06 2016
Daniel Faria Gallery
188 St Helens Ave
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6H 4A1
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Lexus Hybrid Art: The Future is Unwritten

Oct 12 2016
Oct 15 2016

СПБ, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Bit Rot

Bit Rot is three things: An internationally traveling art exhibition, a catalogue accompanying that exhibition and a very large compendium of essays and fiction to be published in October 2016. Bit Rot the book explores the ways humanity tries to make sense of our shifting consciousness. Coupland, just like the...
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Bit Rot: stories + essays

The most interesting material crops up when the author plays economist and focuses on the conjoined role of money, jobs, and technology in spawning the current gig economy. Earlier in his career, Coupland gloomily predicted we would all one day be Microserfs, but with traditional jobs going the way of...
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Почему не нужно бояться будущего

Писатель, художник и футурист Дуглас Коупленд рассказал Esquire о том, почему с каждым днем мир становится лучше, а мы старательно это игнорируем.
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If it looks like Van Gogh, is it art?: Whyte

The finalists have been announced in Douglas Coupland’s strange summer contest, but what exactly does it mean?
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Art Market News

Denmark’s leading Contemporary Art fair finished on Sunday reporting the most successful edition yet. The fourth CHART ART FAIR with its ambitious presentations across the event generated strong sales and encouraged meaningful dialogue between collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts. This year more galleries participated in the fair than ever before...
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Максим Семеляк поговорил с Дугласом Коуплендом о принципах современного существования, жизни до бога и после Дэвида Боуи.
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How Chart Is Helping Art Reach a Wider Community, Both in Denmark and Beyond

While enjoying the snack, Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland—whose “Slogans for the 21st Century” series was plastered across the buses, subways, and balconies of Copenhagen through the duration of the fair—gave me his unsurprisingly witty theories about the work’s meaning.
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A Day in the Life of Hans Ulrich Obrist

After 25 years in the art world, the Serpentine Galleries’ artistic director is more prolific than ever
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Chart Art Fair

Aug 26 2016
Aug 28 2016
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Copenhagen, , Denmark
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PressArtNet News

Chart Art Fair Kicks Off In Style in Copenhagen

Chart Art Fair opens in Copenhagen today, comprising of thirty galleries from Demark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, which take over the the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Since its inception four years ago, the fair has expanded and evolved in a number of ways, and in...
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Быть частью поколения стыдно и немодно

В Москве и Санкт-Петербурге проходит очередная выставка Lexus Hybrid Art. На этот раз темой стало "Предвосхищение", а куратором — бразилец Марселло Дантас. На публичные мероприятия в рамках выставки организаторы привезли культового писателя — автора книги "Поколение Икс" ДУГЛАСА КОУПЛЕНДА в амплуа художника. ВАЛЕНТИН ДЬЯКОНОВ расспросил одного из самых прогрессивных литераторов планеты о том, зачем ему заниматься искусством, о новых поколениях и понимании истории. Подробнее: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3071466
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Highbrow Hoarder

The fine line between art collector and pack rat
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Nelson barber competes in Van Gogh lookalike contest

Both of his ears are still intact, but otherwise Nelson barber Jesse Lockhart is a dead-ringer for Vincent Van Gogh. And though he’s got his eyes on a €5,000 euro prize for a global lookalike contest, he wasn’t willing to disfigure himself like the hyper-famous deceased artist.
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PressThe Globe and Mail

Photography book The Canadians a kind of reimagining of The Americans

[…] introduction by Douglas Coupland (who was born two years after The Americans’ U.S. publication and eight before Kerouac’s death) nor on the dust jacket and flaps (which are, in fact, a blank white).
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Interview: Retail explores new dimensions with 3-D art project

With a cross-country 3-D art project heading to the new Simons location in Ottawa this fall, artist Douglas Coupland aims to create a new kind of societal snapshot with the Canadian retailer
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Six Questions for Douglas Coupland, Who Doesn’t Hate Art Fairs

Douglas Coupland is one of the best loved novelists of his generation. Having penned the era-defining Generation X after giving up art for writing, Coupland became an international sensation, coining phrases such as “McJob” and, of course, “Gen X”. He went on to write many other successful novels such as...
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Coupland goes for the gold

In Vancouver, a city with one of the highest housing costs in North America, real estate developers have become the new patrons of public art. The Golden Tree, a monumental sculpture by Douglas Coupland, recently installed in the plaza of Intracorp’s new James Cheng-designed tower MC2, is a zeitgeisty exploration...
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Douglas Coupland: Vi deltager alle sammen i et stort videnskabeligt eksperiment

I 1991 definerede han sin samtid med romanen 'Generation X'. Nu er forfatteren og kunstneren Douglas Coupland aktuel i København med et offentligt værk.
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‘Generation X’ author coming to Copenhagen

Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland, the author of the world-renowned 1991 book ‘Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture’, is visiting Copenhagen in person on August 28 to speak about his new artwork.
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Douglas Coupland’s Golden Tree

The Hollow Tree, a locally-beloved 800-year-old Western Red Cedar stump in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, has gone through its fair share of tribulations. It has withstood a destructive windstorm, a mysterious fire, and a battle for its removal by citizens who considered it hazardous. Yet nostalgia-driven community initiatives like of the...
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Public ArtVancouver

Golden Tree

Standing 43 feet tall, Coupland has set the sculpture in front of a 25-foot by 40-foot image of Stanley Park, which has been installed above the front entrance to Intracorp's MC2 development at Cambie Street and SE Marine Drive. Made out of steel-reinforced resin and fiberglass and encased in a...
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Douglas Coupland's Golden Tree sculpture unveiled in Vancouver

Vancouver writer and artist Douglas Coupland received a warm response during the unveiling of his 13-metre bright gold sculpture of Stanley Park’s iconic Hollow Tree on Saturday.
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Douglas Coupland's Golden Tree unveiled in Vancouver

Piece of public art is replica of Stanley Park's famous Hollow Tree
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Photos: Douglas Coupland's soon-to-be unveiled Golden Tree makes for eye-catching public art

Douglas Coupland's Golden Tree, located at Cambie Street and Marine Drive, is a replica of Stanely Park's 800-year-old hollow tree.
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Brit comes fifth in worldwide search for Van Gogh lookalike

A British man has made it to fifth position in an international search for a Vincent Van Gogh lookalike.
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Oxford man reaches fifth place in worldwide Van Gogh lookalike competition

AN OXFORD man has made it to fifth place in an international search for the world's best Vincent Van Gogh lookalike. Graphic designer Steve Monk-Chipman now has more than 11,900 public votes on the website iamvincent.com.
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