I am Vincent: A Global Search for Vincent van Gogh's Lookalike

Jul 01 2016
Aug 31 2016
For a large bronze sculpture commission I'm currently crowd-sourcing the planet looking for Vincent van Gogh's closest lookalike. It could be your next door neighbour. It could be a guy at work. It could be you. If you think you look like Vincent van Gogh, please submit your photo. The person who I think best resembles Van Gogh will be given €5,000 and will be flown with a guest to Vancouver for a unique experience and to be 3D-scanned. Their facial data will become Vincent van Gogh's likeness on the final sculpture, forever immortalizing them in bronze and on a plaque bearing their name.

This man is supposed to be the best Van Gogh lookalike in the world

Actor Dan Baker, 35, beat 1,250 contestants from 37 countries in an international competition to find someone who bears a resemblance to the Dutch painter.
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Canadian artist searching for best van Gogh lookalike finds subject in Dorset

A Canadian artist scouring the planet for Vincent van Gogh's closest lookalike has found his subject in the UK.
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Douglas Coupland Has Found His Van Gogh Lookalike

The resemblance is pretty striking.
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Town Talk: Architect foresees wooden towers higher than the tallest trees

Douglas Coupland's impending sculpture of Vincent van Gogh was commissioned by Anthony von Mandl for his Pinot Noir winery.
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Finding van Gogh: Douglas Coupland locates lookalike to be featured in art piece

It will be the first in an ongoing series of commissioned monumental outdoor works titled "Redheads."
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Finding van Gogh: Douglas Coupland locates lookalike to be featured in art piece

Baker travelled to Vancouver where he underwent a 3D scanning process using hundreds of cameras to generate facial data that Coupland will use as source material to create a large 3D bronze sculpture.
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“I have found Vincent” proclaims artist Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland, a Vancouver-based writer and artist, has located Vincent van Gogh, or rather his closest lookalike. Out of 1,250 entrants from 37 countries, Daniel Baker from Christchurch, England is the doppelganger for the famous Dutch artist. Coupland will use Baker's image as the source material to create a large...
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Vancouver artist Douglas Coupland finds van Gogh look-alike for sculpture

A British man bearing a striking resemblance to Vincent van Gogh is the muse for a new work of art by Douglas Coupland. The Vancouver-based writer and artist embarked on a worldwide search for individuals resembling the famed Dutch painter. Daniel Baker of the southern England town of Christchurch emerged...
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Максим Семеляк поговорил с Дугласом Коуплендом о принципах современного существования, жизни до бога и после Дэвида Боуи.
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Дуглас Коупленд о поисках Ван Гога, мутации времени и Pokémon Go

Начнем с самого волнующего вопроса. Вы устроили охоту на голову человека, который бы напоминал Ван Гога, — и обещали ему 5000 долларов, чтобы отсканировать и изготовить его 3-метровую скульптуру. Вы его уже нашли?
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If it looks like Van Gogh, is it art?: Whyte

The finalists have been announced in Douglas Coupland’s strange summer contest, but what exactly does it mean?
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Nelson barber competes in Van Gogh lookalike contest

Both of his ears are still intact, but otherwise Nelson barber Jesse Lockhart is a dead-ringer for Vincent Van Gogh. And though he’s got his eyes on a €5,000 euro prize for a global lookalike contest, he wasn’t willing to disfigure himself like the hyper-famous deceased artist.
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Six Questions for Douglas Coupland, Who Doesn’t Hate Art Fairs

Douglas Coupland is one of the best loved novelists of his generation. Having penned the era-defining Generation X after giving up art for writing, Coupland became an international sensation, coining phrases such as “McJob” and, of course, “Gen X”. He went on to write many other successful novels such as...
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Oxford man reaches fifth place in worldwide Van Gogh lookalike competition

AN OXFORD man has made it to fifth place in an international search for the world's best Vincent Van Gogh lookalike. Graphic designer Steve Monk-Chipman now has more than 11,900 public votes on the website iamvincent.com.
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Brit comes fifth in worldwide search for Van Gogh lookalike

A British man has made it to fifth position in an international search for a Vincent Van Gogh lookalike.
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Which of these two Swedes is Vincent van Gogh's lost twin?

Question: What is even more bizarre than a Swede who really, really looks like Vincent van Gogh? Answer: TWO Swedes who look like Vincent van Gogh.
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Douglas Coupland searching for a van Gogh look-alike to immortalize in bronze

Douglas Coupland is searching the globe for a Vincent van Gogh look-alike – so that he can immortalize them in bronze. The acclaimed Canadian artist, novelist and actor, who is perhaps best known for his 1991 novel Generation X, has asked that people from around the world who believe they...
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Do you look like Vincent van Gogh? Artist Douglas Coupland wants your head

Somewhere out there is a gaunt redhead who is the spitting image of Vincent van Gogh — and Douglas Coupland is going to find him, scan him and immortalize him in bronze.
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Do you look like Vincent van Gogh? Douglas Coupland could give you $7K

Coupland has put out an open call for auditions for his latest public sculpture commission: an outsize bust of Vincent Van Gogh, to be created by 3D scanning and printing a close look-alike.
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Douglas Coupland seeks Van Gogh lookalikes for art project

Generation X author offers €5,000 prize to person who most closely resembles red-haired painter
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