Edgeover 3 years ago

Humanness: What Do You Think About Machines That Think?

"People say that new technologies alienate people, but the thing is, UFOs didn't land and hand us new technologies—we made them ourselves and thus they can only ever be, well, humanizing."
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e-fluxover 3 years ago


Shiny is youth. Shiny is fertility. Shiny is uncorrupted. Shiny smells like the interior of a new car. Shiny is sixty-five golf courses in Palm Springs in the middle of the worst drought in a century. I love shiny, because the moment you see something shiny, you know there’s going...
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The Guardianover 3 years ago

Duane Hanson: 'An artist tailor-made for the age of the selfie'

The late artist was derided for his hyperreal sculptures of everyday Americans doing everyday things. But now, argues novelist Douglas Coupland, they seem astonishingly timely.
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DIS Magazineover 3 years ago


We all may now be je suis Charlie, but we're all also on the track to becoming je suis Madonna.
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FT Magazineover 3 years ago


If you’re a millennial, a stamped letter is either a bill or from a stalker
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Viceover 3 years ago

Greece and the Curse of Leisure

Until recently Greeks were able to spend their days doing nothing, which was nice; now they have to spend their days with nothing to do, which is scary. This is your future, too.
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Viceover 3 years ago

Growing Up Drug-Agnostic in a Global Pot Capital

Everyone has a drug story, even if it's about how they don't do drugs.
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Edgeover 2 years ago

What to Think About Machines That Think

...it is time to seriously consider the reality of intelligent technology, many forms of which are already being integrated into our daily lives. In that spirit, John Brockman, publisher of Edge.org, asked the world's most influential scientists, philosophers, and artists one of today's most consequential questions: What do you think...
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Viceover 2 years ago

Black Goo, the Environment, and the End of the World

Douglas Coupland looks to the past to find an answer for the impending environmental apocalypse of the extreme present.
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Artsyover 2 years ago

What is the Future of Art?

The Canadian artist and cultural theorist Douglas Coupland, who invented the term for an entire generation with his 1991 novel, Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, reflects on the changing cultural landscape—who better?
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FT Magazineover 2 years ago

Escaping the superfuture

Somewhere in the past few years the present melted into the future — and we’re now living inside it 24/7
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FT Magazine1 year ago

The 3rd Room

There’s a one-in-four chance the hotel you’re going to is jackhammering something, and chances are it’s above your room
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FT Magazine1 year ago

One Stone

It was a truly beautiful thing, spooning voluptuously in the palm of my hand
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FT Magazine1 year ago


The more I think about it, the more I realise booze really is glamorous. So are cigarettes. Life is odd
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FT Magazine1 year ago

What’s your type

I’d look at fellow subway riders and try to guess their secret crimes; it’s kind of amazing how transparent people are that way.
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Extra Extra1 year ago

Notes on Relationships in the Twenty-First Century

It’s very hard to imagine phoning someone up and saying, ‘Hey, come over to my house and we’ll sit next to each other on chairs and go online together!’ Going online is such an intrinsically solitary act, yet ironically, it fosters the creation of groups and very strong relationships...
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The Walrus1 year ago

Highbrow Hoarder

The fine line between art collector and pack rat
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The Guardian1 year ago

Douglas Coupland: ‘I’m actually at my happiest when I’m writing on a plane’

No more clock-based passivity from the novelist, who disrupted a 20-year routine with a decision to embrace the unpredictable
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Montecristo Magazine1 year ago

Vancouver in the Seventies

The following foreword, written by Douglas Coupland, is excerpted from “Vancouver in the Seventies: Photos from a Decade That Changed the City,” an historical book by Kate Bird with an introduction by Shelley Fralic. Chronicling the protests, the fashions, and the businesses, the book highlights some of the best 1970s...
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FT Magazine1 year ago

A plan to fix US politics

Douglas Coupland on why America’s two-party system is no longer fit for purpose
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FT Magazine1 year ago

Tentacular: Douglas Coupland on Helvetica, clip art and the gangly beast that is the internet

The feel of the internet is unlike anything else: as wondrous as the bubbling cradle of pea-soup goo from which life emerged
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FT Magazine1 year ago

Douglas Coupland on how we fell out of love with phone calls

Yesterday I found myself emailing to arrange a phone call with someone in New York. I suggested a number of times that worked on my end — could they perhaps choose one or suggest their own times? And then it dawned on me: arranging to speak with people on the...
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FT Magazine1 year ago

Douglas Coupland on life without the Queen

I got to thinking about the Queen dying for real — what it would feel like and how it might go down. I can’t imagine a world without Her
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FT Magazine1 year ago

Why I can only ever be one Doug at any given time

‘I have several versions of me which I know I can more or less count on depending the situation. . . Everyday Doug . . . Serious Doug . . . Party Doug’
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History1 year ago

1990s: The Good Decade

The 1990s were a darned good decade, and everybody’s now coming to realize this, but people also need to know that when the 1990s began, it felt like anything but a decade with a unique tone and texture and attitude. It felt like nothing. It felt blank.
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FT Magazine12 months ago

Is anger sexy or is it only for losers?

I’ve always wanted to go to anger management therapy but I don’t think I’m angry enough
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FT Magazine11 months ago

Douglas Coupland on why he’s suspicious of vegetables

Meat = the food of kings. Vegetables = settling for less. Agree? Go to the comments section — it’s 2017!
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FT Magazine10 months ago

Douglas Coupland’s rehab notepad

If you want to know what the superpower of invisibility feels like, try being a 55-year-old guy in rehab
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FT Magazine8 months ago

Douglas Coupland on the celebrities in your brain

On top of all the words stored in your brain, you also have 4,000 celebrities. That’s a big chunk of neural real estate
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TORSO and Douglas Coupland’s Social X-Ray of Post-Millennial Behavior

In a fake news anthropological study for SSENSE, TORSO charts the suburbs of Ohio, home to both Abercrombie & Fitch and America’s most swing electorate. With a libretto by Douglas Coupland, Generation X author, the story explores the futuristic, post-millennial potential of the space outside of cities. To be in...
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CNN2 months ago

I no longer remember my pre-internet brain

Six years ago, I hosted an evening YouTube event at a Vancouver nightclub. My idea was for the audience and I to view a huge screen linked to my laptop and, collectively, plummet into the internet rabbit hole, with participants calling out unexpected links and destinations along the way, and...
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