Bit Rot

Bit Rot is three things: An internationally traveling art exhibition, a catalogue accompanying that exhibition and a very large compendium of essays and fiction to be published in October 2016. Bit Rot the book explores the ways humanity tries to make sense of our shifting consciousness. Coupland, just like the Internet, mixes forms to achieve his ends. Short fiction is interspersed with essays on all aspects of modern life.The result is addictively satisfying for Coupland's legion of fans hungry for his observations about our world. For almost three decades, his unique pattern recognition has powered his fiction, and his phrase-making. Every page of Bit Rot is full of wit, surprise and delight.




October 2016


Bit Rot | Exhibit | Villa Stücke

Sep 29 2016
Jan 08 2017

Museum Villa Stuck
München, BY, Germany
Event Details

Bit Rot | Exhibit | Rotterdam

Sep 11 2015
Jan 02 2016
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
Witte de Withstraat 50
Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
3012 BR
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Hybrid of essays, short fiction classic Coupland

A hybrid of Andy Warhol and Marshall McLuhan, Douglas Coupland sometimes works as a visual artist, other times as a writer. With 13 novels under his belt along with two collections of short stories and seven non-fiction books, he has created a great library of Canadian work.
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Douglas Coupland goes nonlinear in Bit Rot

Douglas Coupland is a tough interviewee to direct. He speaks as if his mouth is catching up with his mind, his thoughts coming to fruition in the moment, with nascent ideas weaving into complex concepts on the spot.
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Douglas Coupland says democracy needs 'morning after pill' in social media age

Around 2005, 2006, I noticed the culture was changing. So I made a conscious effort to change what I was writing and how I wrote it. The pieces in Bit Rot aren't as random as they seem. For example, the short stories: how does a short story get inculcated with...
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PressLiterary Review of Canada

Bibliomania, “Bit Rot” and Fetishizing Time

We look at books as the font of wisdom, but we also look at them as time machines, a way out of our heads that was never required before.
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Douglas Coupland may steal your soul, but he feels badly about it

ouglas Coupland's game-changing novel Generation X turned 25 in 2016, and we feel old now. Meanwhile, with Bit Rot, Coupland keeps refining what he's been ever since: one of the country's most fascinating thinkers. The new book of essays and stories delves into visions of the techno-future and humanity's increasingly...
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Neil Gaiman explains How to Talk to Girls at Parties on this week’s National Post Bestseller List

The National Post Bestseller List is reported weekly by a different Canadian bookstore, featuring local favourites alongside national hits. This week’s list courtesy of Munro’s Books ( – 1108 Government Street Victoria, BC).
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Book review: Douglas Coupland’s Bit Rot – inside the dark heart of the information age

The line between art and technology is becoming ever more blurred. Perhaps part of the reason is that by force of necessity, art always follows money, and in 2016, technology is increasingly where the money is. As the greatest of internet behemoths, it stands to reason that Google would get...
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In Bit Rot, Douglas Coupland reflects on digital and intellectual entropy — and missing cigarettes

Early in his new book, Douglas Coupland explains that “bit rot” is “a term used in digital archiving that describes the way digital files of any sort spontaneously (and quickly) decompose.” He borrowed the term as a title for his new collection of fiction and non-fiction as a description of...
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Douglas Coupland back to books with Bit Rot

What publishers are noticing is if you’ve got a book in one hand and season two of Narcos in the other (then) people are probably going to choose season two of Narcos
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Douglas Coupland dives into the meaning of the Internet age in Bit Rot

I start with the Daily Mail because if the front story is a wardrobe malfunction, it means everything’s fine with the world,” Coupland says during a recent interview. “What you don’t want is if the Daily Mail, the New York Times and The Globe and Mail all have the same...
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Bit Rot: stories + essays

The most interesting material crops up when the author plays economist and focuses on the conjoined role of money, jobs, and technology in spawning the current gig economy. Earlier in his career, Coupland gloomily predicted we would all one day be Microserfs, but with traditional jobs going the way of...
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Bit Rot

Bit Rot is three things: An internationally traveling art exhibition, a catalogue accompanying that exhibition and a very large compendium of essays and fiction to be published in October 2016. Bit Rot combines new and existing fictional short stories and essays written and compiled by the artist, and creates a...
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Highbrow Hoarder

The fine line between art collector and pack rat
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